Perth’s Leading Commercial Construction Partner

PACT is one of the most respected and experienced commercial construction companies in Western Australia, with a proven reputation for delivering projects across sectors including apartments, aged care, communities, commercial, retail, fit-out and education. Over the past 17 years, PACT has delivered $1.6B in commercial construction projects.

PACT is a WA owned and operated commercial building company that was founded in 2004. It is a financially strong and sound business that works across a diverse range of sectors in the industry, safely delivering projects on time and on budget.

A Tier 2 construction company, PACT Construction combines the responsiveness, accountability, and agility of much smaller companies with the backing of large-scale efficiencies, strength, and financial security of parent company the ABN Group.

PACT working exclusively in the WA market, has nearly 70 staff and takes in around $130-$180m per year. The company often has between 6 and 10 projects in delivery at any one point in time, and normally takes on projects in the $20-120m bracket.

PACT differentiates itself from competitors by being a ‘relationship-first’ based business. They pride themselves on a genuine, authentic and relationship-based approach to business. One of their key drivers is to work with clients to achieve win-win outcomes and for clients, stakeholders, suppliers and sub-contractors to enjoy the journey with PACT.

PACT is a values driven business, and that comes from ABN and its owner, Dale Alcock. Passionate, authentic, and just transparent and real in their approach with clients.

Our Values; Authentic, Leadership, Relentless, Excellence, Passion and Fun

The combination of PACT’s track record, relationship with the ABN Group and uncomplicated and collaborative mindset ensures as a development and building partner, PACT offers an unrivalled value proposition in the WA construction market.

Our clients are ambitious professionals, determined to get the most out of themselves and every project. They require agility, collaboration, certainty of outcomes, and a hands-on team that is strengthened by accountability. Together, we push each other to find the potential in every opportunity.

Let’s talk about the potential of your next construction project today.

We are located at 301 Vincent Street, Leederville. Visit us or call us on 9340 5900.