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Every PACT project reflects the power of human interactions. Our Senior Managers don’t sit behind closed doors – every single member of our team is accessible and accountable. It’s this drive to be ‘hands-on’ that really energises a project, as conversations provide clarity, decisions are made quickly, and pooled wisdom delivers insights.

This kind of culture doesn’t happen by accident. We handpick talented individuals who are continually looking to advance both themselves and our entire industry. We see their potential and in return, they find the potential in every project they throw themselves into.

“Each member went out of their way to listen to and understand any consultant and client issues and was most cooperative and expedient in responding to and addressing them.”

Brian Smyth, Department of Finance Building Management And Works

Our Leaders

Jason Kunkler

General Manager

An authentic passion for the industry has driven Jason to acquire three decades of construction experience, from carpentry and estimating to contract and project management. This strong technical competence, combined with an MBA in Strategic Planning and Policy, has given Jason the knowledge and analytical skills required to propel PACT into one of Western Australia’s most competent and trusted commercial builders.

Jason is the founding General Manager of PACT Construction and the current President of MBAWA. He is also a fellow of the Australian Institute of Building, a member of the MBA Australia National NCP committee, a former Chairman of MBA’s Construction Council and a MBAWA Board Member.

Steve Ball

Construction Manager

35 years of experience in the construction industry has taught Steve the power of being authentic and approachable. While knowledge and insight are vital, being able to listen to and support others ensures Steve develops genuine trusting relationships with team members and clients.

While managing major projects (such as the $520million Perth Arena) is always a privilege, it is sharing knowledge and experience with team members who then go on to realise their full potential which gives Steve the most satisfaction.

Working at PACT has given Steve the opportunity to partner with incredible, forward-thinking clients. A major highlight of his role at PACT is hearing that all stakeholders loved dealing with PACT throughout the life of the project and that they love the finished product.

Murray Simcock

Business Development & Estimating Manager

Dedicated to personal and professional growth, Murray has taken on a diverse range of roles across more than three decades in the industry including designer, project manager, operations manager, project director and general manager. This broad expertise has given Murray a unique appreciation for the challenges faced by all stakeholders and a sophisticated approach to problem solving.

Murray has the ability to uncover the immense potential of a team, bringing together unique talents who can add value to the project and each other. As a result, his teams have been awarded major developments which have won MBA and AIB awards.

Murray is a Fellow and the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Building.

Bevan Scanlon

HSEQ Manager

Driven to help others, Bevan is following his passion as PACT’s HSEQ Manager. In this role, Bevan combines his skills in risk assessment, communication, data collection and analysis, critical thinking and planning to challenge convention and find safer, smarter ways of operating.

Bevan ensures safety and quality remain at the core of PACT. Delivering exceptional results while sending every team member home safely is what drives Bevan to seek out industry-leading HSEQ outcomes.

Bevan’s foundation as a labourer brings a crucial dimension to his role as he has hands-on knowledge of the methods / materials used within the industry, as well as the challenges faced on site.

Louise Mazanec

Finance & Operations Manager

At PACT, we stand for constant growth and evolution, and this certainly reflects Louise’s journey so far. As a Chartered Accountant and across nearly ten years at PACT, Louise has held roles in accounting, finance and marketing, stepping outside her comfort zone to take on new challenges and continually gain new knowledge.

As Finance & Operations Manager, Louise’s broad expertise in strategic project delivery, financial analysis and project management helps to deliver well-rounded solutions to clients.

Louise loves to collaborate with some of the best minds in the business as they empower and motivate each other to come up with creative ideas that excite clients. Louise is passionate about adding value wherever possible which keeps PACT relevant, adaptable and competitive.

To realise the potential of every person and every project.

This is our pact to you.

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