National Winners at the MBA Awards

Belmont Hub Complexity In Construction 3


PACT have just been announced as winners at the Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards, held over the weekend in Cairns.

PACT won the Award for: ‘National Entertainment and Recreation Facility’ for its Belmont Hub project.

This award recognises the innovation, value for money and quality of construction in the commercial construction sector. Being a winner at the Nationals, signifies being the best project in that category in the country.

Award Badge 2021 Winner Mba National
Belmont Hub Complexity In Construction 3
Belmont Hub Complexity In Construction 1
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Belmont Hub, for the City of Belmont WA and designed by Bollig Design Group, is a highly complex building project with an architecturally striking facade that has become an iconic landmark in the heart of Belmont. It was established to deliver integrated cultural and community services to the local community and comprises of a district library, museum, senior citizens centre, café, office space and much more across four levels.

This Award is a testament to the entire Team for their hard work and passion, with special mention to Jay Brenton, Vijaya Kari and Lewis Dowding for their exceptional delivery of this project. The Team worked relentlessly to deliver a facility that showcases distinctive complexity in geometrical design, uses multiple contrasting materials as well as utilising innovative construction techniques.

This Award highlights the quality of construction of PACT as a preferred commercial construction builder in Perth.