Pact Pulse: Dec 2022

Hi Team,

2022 – what a year!

We worked through some of the most volatile and difficult market conditions in recent history, underpinned by material price escalation and acute labour shortages across multiple trades.

Reflecting on the year that was, one of our core values specifically comes to mind – Relentlessness. Never give up, keep trying, stay focused, be resilient.

I want to thank you all for your hard work, tenacity, and relentlessness this year through all the highs and lows. Thank you to the Project Delivery Teams for pushing hard through the frustration of being let down by supply chain issues, resource shortages and broken promises. Thank you to the New Business Team for pivoting quickly to a different paradigm of only pursuing carefully selected, negotiated projects. Thank you to the Finance Team for keeping the wheels rolling. Thank you to the HSEQ Team for helping to keep our sites safe. Thank you to all the support staff for all that you do.  

 We have a plethora of new project opportunities to work through in the first half of 2023, as well as kicking off the main works on the mammoth Riviere project in January. Although we still have to deliver some challenging projects in Q1, I am excited about 2023 and looking forward to delivering projects negotiated and won under different circumstances.

Have a safe, wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Recharge the batteries, spend time with your families and look forward to kicking goals together next year.



While 2022 has been a challenging year for a number of reasons, as a business we managed to achieve a lot of good outcomes:

  • Effectively managed COVID-19 in accordance with Government requirements.
  • Navigated the introduction of WHS Legislation.
  • Information sessions regarding the WHS Legislation changes and impacts delivered to the business.
  • Hammertech was active on all projects.
  • Quality Guidance Notes have been developed for use to demonstrate what good quality looks like at PACT.
  • Near Miss reporting improved and lessons learnt transferred into practice.
  • Positive feedback received from external auditors regarding how we manage HSEQ.

When we return in 2023 we need to be switched on and continue to lead and coordinate our subcontractors and suppliers to provide safe, healthy, clean sites that deliver high quality projects. As the embodiment of PACT we need you to take positive steps to makes sure that those under our control achieve this.


In the last 3 months The New Business team has been busy working on multiple new opportunities, focusing on projects commencing March/ April and May next year to align with our upcoming project completions. The focus has remained and will remain on projects outside the multi-residential space. With three ECI’s secured and having recently been named preferred on the Santa Maria Performing Arts project we are well placed to secure a number of new opportunities. With a good number of negotiated ECI projects underway we are now in a position to make very deliberate choices as to what to pursue, with a focus on shovel ready projects which will complement our existing ECI pipeline.   

Riviere head contract execution is due prior to the Christmas holiday period, with a site commencement date for the main works of mid-January. The run into the Christmas period is always busy and finalising the Riviere head contract is a great way to end the year, as well as providing an opportunity to now focus on securing future opportunities. Design development and ECI services are very much underway on both the Swanbourne Children’s Hospice and Christ Church Grammar PERFORM project, with this only to accelerate upon return in the new year.

It’s going to be interesting to see what 2023 has in store for the construction industry. Price escalation seems to have steadied (or be steadying), with the question being whether this will continue, making for a much more predictable environment going forward? On the flipside, the availability of resources and trades locally is the single biggest challenge and has the potential to off-set any upside of a more stable cost environment. Either way, with a solid project in Riviere secured and a strong pipeline of other opportunities (direct negotiation or otherwise) we are well placed going into 2023.


NameSectorSuburb / ValueDeveloperArchitectStatusSite Start
Riviere Main WorksMixed – ResidentialApplecross – $155mEdge Visionary LivingHillamContract ExecutionJanuary 2023
Christ Church Grammar School – PERFORMEducationClaremont – $45mChrist Church Grammar SchoolWith ArchitectureECI Contractor – Design DevelopmentTBC
Lot 118 MurdochCommercial/OfficeMurdoch Precinct – $60mConfidentialHassellECI – Contractor – Design Development – ON HOLDQ2 2023
Children’s HospiceHealthSwanbourne – $23mConfidentialHassellECI Contractor – Design DevelopmentQ2 2023
Santa Maria College TheatreEducationAttadale – $27mMercy Education LimitedArchitectusECI Tender Proposal submitted, awaiting outcomeQ3 2023
441 Murray StreetEducationPerth CBD – $30mAnglican Schools CommissionHassellECI Tender Proposal Submitted, awaiting outcomeQ2 2023
Bunnings West PerthRetailWest Perth – $35mSaracen PropertyMeyer ShircoreECI Tender Proposal submitted, awaiting outcomeQ2 2023


NameSectorSuburb & ValueDeveloperArchitectStatusSite Start
Schütz Australia Manufacturing FacilityIndustrialKwinana – $40mSchütz AustraliaTBCPreliminary discussions with clientQ3 2023
Hasler RoadCommercialOsborne Park – $95mConfidentialDMGPreliminary discussions with ClientQ4 2023



Victoria House: Shenton Park

With the external brickwork now complete to all buildings, we are in the process of stripping the scaffold down. Block A scaffold is nearly all down, with buildings B & C down to levels 5 and 4, respectively.

Internally, Block A is in its final defecting stage, with Blocks B and C progressing through with trades. The lower levels are now mostly complete with cabinetry, stone, flooring and painting and final fixtures installed. The higher levels have cabinetry, tiling and floor levelling ongoing.

Hard landscaping has commenced on the natural ground areas around the heritage building, including our first pour of exposed aggregate concrete, the installation of two external steel spiral staircases and external masonry walls.

The Heritage building is nearing completion with internal work being defected ready for handover. The exterior of the building is undergoing final plastering and painting works.

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Tower Crane 1 is due for dismantling in the upcoming weeks. This will be followed by infilling of ground floor and basement slab penetrations so that landscaping works can commence to the Block A/B podium area.
  • Client defect walkthroughs are commencing in December for apartments, starting with Block A and sequencing through all completed apartments as they become ready.
  • Block A and Block C lift are now complete with Block B lift due to be completed by 16th December.
  • With current progression on site, we are aiming to drop all external scaffolding to the three main apartment blocks by mid-January. This will allow for ongoing ground floor landscaping to be completed along building boundaries, including apartment terraces and common areas.

Thanks to the Team: Luke, Jack, Tony S, Daniel S, Barry, Martin, Nicholas and Michael D.

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Bob Hawke College Stage 2: Subiaco

The Bob Hawke College team are working tirelessly and putting out all stops to achieve partial PC and Handover to the School on 20/01/2023 for Lower Ground Floor and Ground floor areas so that they can be ready for the Term 1 start on 1/02/2023.

The building is almost watertight with last flashings and cappings to roof complete by Christmas.

External envelope comprising of many features such as Face brickwork which will be complete by Christmas, FC painted cladding and aluminium windows ongoing and progressing well ready for completion in Mid-January to allow us to drop scaffold to all four elevations.

Internal fit out is progressing to all four levels at various stages with LGF and GF with high level of finishes with special feature ceilings through each area and floor, recessed lighting, fit off to all speciality classrooms including all carpets, vinyl flooring, metalwork and joinery plus wall and floor tiling to all amenities almost complete to LGF and GF.

The site will be open over Christmas with essential trades working through so that PC can be achieved in January.

Thanks to our site Team: Taula, Jamie, David, Glenn, Ethan, Vijaya, Mark and Emmett

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NOMA Residences: Mosman Park

The Noma team are close to completion with the plan to submit for Occupancy Permits prior to the Christmas shut down for a well earned break. The perimeter scaffold has been dismantled and external works, landscaping, & paving underway to the front of site. Internally, apartments are complete to Level 6, with the last remaining finishing works underway to the penthouses & amenities areas. Developer Inspections with Parcel have commenced and are complete to Level 3 with only minor defects raised so far.

What’s next:

  • Practical Completion!

Well done to the Team – Antony, Sam B, Damien, Adrian, Dolan and Daniel O.

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Forbes Residences: Applecross

Team Forbes continues to progress the project towards top-out, set for end of February 23.

  • Structure continues to progress quickly, with level 7, our 3rd typical deck complete.
  • Formwork removal on the lower decks has allowed us to commence waterproofing and framing on levels 1,2 & 3, with services following closely.
  • Blockwork is complete on level 1 and has moved into the basement to complete fire tanks and miscellaneous pump rooms, barriers etc.
  • Site amenities are complete, making the project more comfortable/desirable for the workers onsite
  • All material have been procured to beat the CNY shutdown.

Up Next:

  • Tower crane will jump to its final height in December
  • Glazing to land onsite in early February
  • Western Power scheduled to commence works early in the new year

Great work so far Team: William, Jerome, Rajesh, Lewis L, Bert, Michael C, Scott, Adam and Egan.

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Grandton: Applecross

Structural works on Grandton are forging ahead, with some major milestones reached in recent months:

  • All precast panels to the boundary walls are now complete. Another major milestone complete for the project!
  • The team has completed the concrete slabs to the Level 3, which introduces the common floor plate for the 80 apartments.
  • Swimming pool beams completed to support the concrete pool structure.
  • Perimeter scaffold that will enclose the structure has commenced on Level 2 and 3.
  • Formwork commenced to Level 4 which will leave concrete slab complete to Level 4 by the end of 2022
  • Temporary propping removal has commenced, allowing service installation to start within in the basement.

Well done to the Team: Trevor K, Kevin, Prachi, Chris H and Oliver.

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Kiora Apartments, Dean Street: Claremont

Works on site are moving swiftly ahead with the status of works as follows:


  • Works are progressing in the south east with accessible ramp nearing completion, tree pit installation and veranda construction underway.
  • Vehicle ramp and cross-over works.
  • Ground terrace waterproofing and paving. Construction of concrete planter.
  • Balustrade and metal works progressing.
  • Level 3 Terrace tiling.


  • Fit off of electrical services and commissioning.
  • Tiling and painting in common areas.
  • Cleaning and defecting of completed apartments.
  • Installation of timber screens to central stair.
  • Wellness area & Heritage Joinery fit-off.
  • Installation of glass skylight complete.

Well done to the Team: Lewis D, Craig and Trevor T.

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Pulse Dec 2022 Project 6

Riviere Residences, Applecross

The Riviere Project Team are moving swiftly through the remaining Forward Works on site:

  • The third and final raft pour has been completed.
  • 75% of the ground slabs are now constructed.
  • Boundary works are ongoing.
  • Preparations have commenced for the start of the main works in January.
  • Tower crane 1 has been erected, tower crane 2 is scheduled for erection in February 2023.

Luke Pellegrini has also joined the Riviere team, welcome Luke!

Great work so far Team: Chris, Doug, Adrian J and Luke.

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Executive Site Visit

The Executive Team from ABN Group took tours of our sites – focusing on the progress and quality of our projects in construction.  

Dale Alcock and Andrew Roberts were guided by our Project Teams who gave them a comprehensive insight into each project by taking them through the various construction techniques with a focus on quality.

They visited the following:

  • Bob Hawke College in Subiaco;
  • Victoria House in Shenton Park;
  • Kiora in Claremont;
  • Forbes Residences, Riviere Residences and Grandton in Applecross;
  • NOMA Residences.
Pulse Dec 2022 Team1
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The NOMA Project Team has announced the latest Safety and Quality Awards. Congratulations to the winners:

The Safety Recognition Award is awarded to recipients providing a safer work environment:

  • For September it was awarded to Boss Carpentry.
  • (No awards in October)
  • For November, it was awarded to Tai Hawkins Plastering: for always ensuring the correct tools are used and keeping work areas clean & tidy.

The Quality Recognition Award is awarded for demonstrating excellence in quality.

  • For September it was awarded to Premium Glass.
  • (No awards in October)
  • For November, it was awarded to Concept Windows: for the high quality installation of windows and for being an easy to work with, no fuss, get the job done company.
Pulse Dec 2022 People 1
Pulse Dec 2022 People 2


Let’s play 60 seconds with our new staff!


Adam Beaton Site Supervisor

At which store would you max out your credit card?
Golf Box
What was the best concert you have attended?
Foo Fighters
What is the first song you’d pick to sing at karaoke?
Mr Jones – Counting Crows.
Where did you work prior to PACT?
Focus Building Company.
What is your favourite holiday destination – in Australia? Overseas?
Byron Bay and Banff (Alberta Canada).
What is your favourite type of food?
What big items are on your bucket list?
Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach – California.
What are your hobbies?
Anything outdoors – camping, fishing, etc.


Kane Vernon Site Supervisor

How do you like to spend your weekends?
With my children, camping, 4-wheel driving and just hanging out. 
What are your hobbies?
Anything with a motor, building and riding motorcycles mainly. I have had multiple motorcycles from a very young age thanks to my grandfather who was aircraft engineer, hidden talents are most things mechanical I like to think I’m good at. I even love my lawn mower (and it’s not electric!)
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Policeman or in the army.
What’s your favourite type of food?
Asian and Middle Eastern.
What was the best concert you have attended?
The recent Crowded House concert at King’s Park.
If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
I’m going to be honest I would probably have a serious conversation with Steve Ball 🙂 (FTR I DO LOVE MY JOB)


Nicky Macleod

How do you like to spend your weekends?
At the moment weekends are spent renovating
What three places are top of your travel bucket list?
Back to Ireland, or anywhere in Europe
What is your favourite holiday destination – in Australia? Overseas?
Osprey Bay, Exmouth
What big items are on your bucket list?
A Kimberley cruise
What are 3 things you couldn’t live without?
My 3 kids 🙂
What’s one thing you cannot resist?
Twisties or Salt and Vinegar chips
What’s your favourite thing to do?
Sit on our little boat with my husband, beer in hand!


Samantha Mulholland Office Administrator

What are you currently binge-watching?
What three places are on the top of your travel bucket list?
Italy would be my number one choice – then Croatia – and if money was no problem Maldives just for fun
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Where did you work prior to PACT?
A Food Manufacturer – Danish Patisserie.
What is your favourite type of food?
Probably Asian
What big items are on your bucket list?
I would love to skydive just once
What’s your favourite thing to do?
Free camping around WA
If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
Get my family to Australia


Barrie AshleyDavid SmythAntony Terry
Craig WallaceBarrie Ashley
John Hawtree
Daniel Orchard


Last Day of work drinks: Thursday 22nd December.