Pact Pulse: Jun 2022

Hi Team,

Halfway through 2022 already! A warm welcome to the 12 new staff who have joined the PACT Team during the quarter. Welcome aboard!

The last quarter has seen the WA border lifted and COVID spread rapidly throughout. Although we are not out of the woods yet, the daily case numbers (and associated disruption from isolations) appears to be trending down. Notwithstanding WA’s open borders, the demand for labour remains stubbornly high which is affecting our industry (and most other industries) at unprecedented levels.

I recognise it is a daily challenge dealing with a distressed supply chain and the pressure this brings. Seems like there is a new problem to solve every day in delivering our projects. At the end of the day we are all in this together. As an industry, as a business, as a Team.

I really appreciate all the hard work you all do for the business and for each other. Please talk to each other and share the problems/issues you are facing and escalate them sooner than later.

Stay safe, look after yourself and feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Thanks, JT


The Project Managers recently caught up to work through some of the challenges we are currently faced with as a business, such as labour shortage and supply chain disruption, and workshop how best we can manage these moving forward to control safety, quality and productivity risks.

The workshop was a good opportunity for our project leaders to draw on each other’s extensive knowledge of the industry and collaborate to find solutions. There were several practical solutions proposed and over the coming weeks the information from the workshop will be reviewed and next steps determined. This will provide us with an exciting opportunity to standardise subcontractor management across current and future projects, in turn supporting everyone involved in project delivery.