Riverview Church – Stage 2

Riverview Church – Stage 2



1 Thorogood Street, Burswood, WA


T&Z Architect




$2.7 million


Riverview Church – Stage 2


After successfully completing Stage 1 of the Riverview Church project, PACT Construction’s proven ability to go above and beyond to meet any challenge resulted in us being awarded the job.

Designed by T&Z Architects, Stage 2 at Riverview Church comprised the construction of office and administration areas, a staff lunch and breakout space, and a wet area on the first-floor level. We were also responsible for the installation of a new lift in the existing lift core. Practical completion was achieved on time in 20 weeks.

We won the project through a competitive tender process.


  • Working around the functional church offices posed a major challenge. Our management plans extensively considered everything from delivery times and traffic management, to safety of users and personnel, dust control, waste storage, access and egress, scheduling of noisy works and service cutovers. Activities like major road closures, concrete cutting close to the office or service shutdowns had to be coordinated with sufficient notice to the church and with the church’s schedule taken into consideration. Major milestones such as the changeover of the Western Power transformer had to be planned well in advance to give the church enough time to arrange shut down of their servers and advise staff.
  • The auditorium ceiling height of 7.2m made lifting ductwork and pulling services difficult. Multiple EWPs and mobile scaffolds were required to work in the same place at the same time.
  • Works had to be completed while keeping the existing mechanical system running. An access way was opened through an existing brick wall. 3 existing units at 1.5 tonne each went through brick walls to create a temporary plant room inside the church’s office.
  • Painted CFC cladding was installed to the 3 entry awnings and to the North and South elevations. A majority of these works had to be installed from council land and needed to be closely scheduled to allow for footpath closures as well as to limit the effect on the public and people attending the Church’s office.


  • Due to the wide spectrum of sound used in the church’s productions, the acoustic requirements and types of acoustic finishes were diverse to help eliminate sound leaving the facility. These included Autex panelling to stage area and foyer, CSR absorb to the backstage area and Anticon to the auditorium walls.
  • The tiered seating for the auditorium was framed from raking structural beams and purlins and then lined with structural ply. Due to the size of the beams and purlins, they could not be walked out and needed to be lifted into position. The building could not be closed up until the seating tiers were fully installed using a mobile crane.


PACT undertook the demolition of existing structures on the site and the refurbishment of the existing church building, which included the addition of a new roof cover and service installations.

Modification of the existing roof structure was required, including the installation of metal roof sheeting and a roof walkway.

Most of the existing façade was brickwork that was repainted with an acratex roll on system and anti-graffiti coating up to 3 metres high.

Colourbond louvers were installed to the external of the newly formed plant room, as well as the eastern façade on the first-floor level and various locations where the ductwork exits the building.

All the new window frames were made from an Alspec extrusion, with a Dulux ‘Zeus’ warranty colour.


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