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PACT offers a full range of design, construction and project management services for multi-level commercial and residential projects. A 'whole of project' service, including managing the documentation of the project brief, creating project concepts, setting budgets against project concepts to set feasibility outcomes, ensuring initial design briefs and feasibilities are met, and of course delivering the project.

Senses Foundation


Senses Foundation

troy barbitta
Senses Foundation is a leading not for profit organisation in Western Australia providing services to people with disabilities. Their unique speciality is in the provision of services to people who have the dual sensory disability of deaf blindness. Senses Foundation is the only organisation in Australia providing all of life disability services to people who are deaf blind.

There are currently 60 families who have pre-school or school aged children receiving services from Senses Foundation. All of these are involved in the “families matter” program which includes the parent support and the sibling support services.
The parent support program is aimed at keeping families together by giving parents the strategies to cope with a child with a disability and the sibling support program aims at keeping the sibling in the life of the child with a disability throughout their life.

PACT Construction are honoured and proud to be involved in providing corporate sponsorship to this organisation and have agreed to cover the full cost of the Parent Support Program and Sibling Support Program, being $5,000.00 each with considered continuation of support in the future. The funding will go towards specialist professionals, venue entry costs & hire, catering, gifts and entertainment at venues.

We, at PACT, believe that our contribution to the community has allowed our staff to feel as though they have been a part of making a valuable difference and given a greater sense of social and community responsibility to the disabled. All in all, we believe that this corporate sponsorship with Senses Foundation, has rewards for all involved and will be profound and uplifting. 
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