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Unit 4, 12 Cowcher Place, Belmont
Western Australia

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PACT offers a full range of design, construction and project management services for multi-level commercial and residential projects. A 'whole of project' service, including managing the documentation of the project brief, creating project concepts, setting budgets against project concepts to set feasibility outcomes, ensuring initial design briefs and feasibilities are met, and of course delivering the project.

Assistance Dogs Australia


Assistance Dogs Australia

noni clark

In June 2014 PACT Construction sponsored an Assistance Dogs Australia puppy, the sponsorship provided  2 years of food and training to get the puppy ready to become and Assistance dog for someone with physical disabilities. Our puppy was named “Pact”.
Assistance Dogs Australia provides freedom and independence to people with physical disabilities.
They are a national charity that trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to perform everyday tasks for people with disabilities.
Assistance Dogs increase independence, reduce reliance on human caregivers and act as a great ice-breaker helping overcome social isolation.
Assistance Dogs can pick up dropped items, open and close doors and cupboards, press the pedestrian button at the lights, pay the cashier at the shops, get the phone, unload the washing machine and alert bark if their owner is in trouble.