Bethanie Gwelup


Bethanie Gwelup Village


$52 million


KPA Architect

Project snapshot

Having successfully completed expansion works at the residential and community care centre in Dryandra, PACT has again exceeded expectations at Bethanie Gwelup. This brand-new facility includes low care accommodation, high care facilities and the new Scarborough Church of Christ building. It was designed by KPA Architects.

We won the project through a competitive tender process.

Overcoming challenges

  • This project required a very high volume of brickwork. 1.3 million bricks were utilised between the three buildings, including 6 different types of face brick to create the façade. This involved a very large volume of bricks flowing to the site during the brickworks. For example, in January 2015, approximately 40,000 bricks (20 trucks) were laid in just one week. We established an off-site stock yard to ensure required deliveries of bricks could be maintained.
  • The sewer for the facility had to be connected to the main sewer space on Segrave Street. The junction was 8m deep and required two weeks of road closures. A temporary road was built between two cul-de-sacs on Segrave Street to maintain access for residents. Testing for groundwater established that water levels were low enough to eliminate the need for dewatering.


  • IELVS (Integrated Extra-Low Voltage Services) Building Management System: The new Bethanie facility required an IELVS which provides a platform that enables data from various service systems to be collected, consolidated and made available for any enterprise application. It provides open access to the maximum amount of data (both live and historical) which allows for operational efficiency and long term performance by allowing applications such as alarm monitoring, graphical displays, reporting, trending, billing, analytics, mobile devices, energy management maintenance and fault detection to access the data. This concept was new to most trades and even some of the more prominent suppliers of equipment to the project at the time.
  • Timber Trusses: We were responsible for the design and construction of the timber trusses under the head contract. Coordination with the services consultants was necessary to ensure there were no clashes with lighting, mechanical ductwork, hydraulics and fire pipework and smoke compartments.

Features of development

Located at the prominent corner of Karrinyup Road and Huntriss Road, village residents enjoy picturesque views of Lake Gwelup.

The construction of the three separate buildings were staged across 84 weeks. The 112 high care bedrooms within the aged care facility have a provision for dementia care, while the 68 low care retirement suites provide modern, comfortable accommodation in one and two bedroom configurations. All apartments occupy only a single level to meet adaptable housing standards.

The external building façade reflects the quality found within, beautifully blending a complementary mix of materials including face brick, rendered brick, stonework, metal faceted fences and Colorbond roofing. The church was also constructed utilising precast panelling.

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