Riverview Church


1 Thorogood Street, Burswood, WA


$10.4 million


T&Z Architects

Project snapshot

Home to a growing congregation, Riverview Church undertook a long-awaited rejuvenation of their facilities in Burswood. PACT Construction’s authentic values, excellent reputation and financial stability were influential in securing the project.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Riverview Church relied on donations from their members and the wider community to finance the project. Cost-efficiency was therefore a critical requirement, ensuring every dollar was spent wisely. To achieve these outcomes, PACT collaborated with the Riverview Church Executive team, fostering open relationships with key stakeholders and developing a value engineering process. It was designed by T&Z Architects.

We won the project through a competitive tender process.

Overcoming challenges

  • A critical element of the project was the raising of the building’s roof, which involved detaching the existing roof cover and extending the roof structure. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the building, the existing (redundant) roof structure was left in place until the new works were completed, before being removed.
  • The church needed to operate from their existing offices throughout construction. With collaborative relationships and constructive channels of communication in place, all stakeholders were confident that interruption to construction and church operations would be minimised or eliminated.


  • The new facility’s large, open area design, combined with high volumes of heat generated by the thousands of church attendees, necessitated the need for a significant air-conditioning system. Other standout features include generous new seating, high-end audio and lighting, as well as all-new amenities.

Features of development

PACT assumed responsibility for the renovation and refurbishment works. Extensive demolition was swiftly completed to ensure new works could be measured and commenced in time for the start of construction.

This project required over 180 tonnes of structural and secondary steelwork and 104 new concrete footings.

There is painted CFC cladding to the 3 entry awnings, North and South elevations, and the existing brickwork façade was repainted.

Due to the wide spectrum of sound used in the church’s productions, the acoustic requirements and types of acoustic finishes were diverse to help eliminate sound leaving the facility. We incorporated Autex panelling to the stage area and foyer, CSR absorb to the backstage area and Anticon to the auditorium walls.

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