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PACT offers a full range of design, construction and project management services for multi-level commercial and residential projects. A 'whole of project' service, including managing the documentation of the project brief, creating project concepts, setting budgets against project concepts to set feasibility outcomes, ensuring initial design briefs and feasibilities are met, and of course delivering the project.

Shenton Park Dog Refuge


Shenton Park Dog Refuge

troy barbitta

Address: 20 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, WA 6008
Project Value: $481,000.00
Construction Time: 28 weeks
Architect: Meyer Shircore & Associates Architects 

In desperate need of a specific quarantine facility yet with strict budgetary and timeline controls, the Shenton Park Dog Refuge approached PACT’s parent company, the ABN Group, for help.

As the commercial construction arm of the ABN Group, PACT Construction embraced the opportunity to extend the group’s legacy of giving back to the community.

“Eager to assist, we became involved in this project at a very early stage,” explained Jason Kunkler, General Manager of PACT Construction. “We quickly adopted a design and construct role, using the client’s self-produced documentation at a concept level and taking charge of the design and development, all approvals and the delivery of the full facility.”

PACT’s design and construct role also involved the coordination of all material supply and sub-delivery; a facet which tested PACT’s logistical and scheduling skills in order to adhere to the tight building program.

The 500m2 facility comprises 16 new kennels constructed of a ground slab with tilt panel walls and structural steel roof framing. Louvres and weldmesh fencing ensure adequate ventilation, while a kitchen, toilet and decontamination washdown make up the rest of the facility.

As a quarantine facility, a crucial aspect of the build meant ensuring each kennel was fully self-contained and separated from the others to prevent cross contamination. “Building a quarantine facility required smart thinking and planning around the materials used,” explained Mr Kunkler. “We utilised high level render finishes to ensure there wasn’t any porosity of the surface finish to guard against bacteria and contaminants.”

“We also chose epoxy paint on the floor due to its high performance for hygiene and washdown as well as its non-slip and safe traffic properties.”

According to Mr Kunkler, a unique aspect of the project was the drainage system. “We had to deliver independent drainage for each kennel with separate bucket traps to isolate any contaminants carried in from the dogs so that they wouldn’t spread,” 

Despite the client’s very tight funding position, PACT was able to deliver the project successfully. “We economised everywhere we could and leveraged off our strong supplier relationships to meet the client brief within budget and on a tight program,” said Mr Kunkler.