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PACT offers a full range of design, construction and project management services for multi-level commercial and residential projects. A 'whole of project' service, including managing the documentation of the project brief, creating project concepts, setting budgets against project concepts to set feasibility outcomes, ensuring initial design briefs and feasibilities are met, and of course delivering the project.

Methodist Ladies College -     Re-development


Methodist Ladies College - Re-development

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Address: 356 Stirling Hwy, Claremont
Project Value: $13.9 million
Estimated Completion Date: January 2018
Architect: CODA Architecture & Urban Design

MLC Artist impression.jpg

A strong willingness to find various cost-saving measures in line with the client’s budget expectations saw PACT Construction win the tender for Methodist Ladies College (MLC) Junior School expansion and refurbishments.

The project is designed to bring the school into the 21st century through a range of modernising facelifts and new installations. PACT will oversee the refurbishment of existing facilities at MLC Junior School, including one of its original buildings – the heritage listed Barclay House Administration Building. PACT will also be relied on to construct modern new facilities and incorporate extensive landscaping. This will deliver MLC JS unique playground equipment, from interactive water courses, to in-ground cubby holes, climbing domes and labyrinths, talking tubes, a balancing bridge and a mega chute slide.

Like many of PACT’s projects, several challenges stand in the way of successful completion of the MLC Junior School Project, particularly the issue of navigating a difficult site location and environment. PACT will be working in the heart of a fully operational school that is located off the constantly busy Stirling Highway. In order to overcome this challenge, PACT will constantly work closely with the school and associated parties to schedule deliveries and works around peak times and events. This will go a long way towards ensuring the project is completed on time and meets everyone’s expectations.

Documentation development also poses a potential roadblock. Due to the value engineering exercise that was undertaken with the client after the completion of the tender, PACT will be commencing works based off tender documentation, while the client has the documentation updated to reflect all the value engineering savings. This is being done so the client does not lose any time in the early stages of the project, and the final date for completion (which is prior to the start of the 2017 school year) is achieved. By working closely with MLC’s project managers, architect and consultants, PACT aims to to fast track the developing design without losing any time on the project.

As the MLC Junior School project unfolds throughout 2016, PACT looks forward to adding yet another chapter of success to its ever-growing company story as they journey towards becoming a bona fide second-tier builder. Once completed, students will return to school in 2017, greeted by new modern facilities that will provide an exciting learning environment.